Understanding World Cultures

Osher Course
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh
John Hooker, Study leader

3:00 4:30 pm
6 Tuesdays, 12 Jan 16 Feb 2021

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Course objectives

Tentative Schedule

Click on the links to view or download slides (as pdf files) used in class.
Slides are provided 1 per page and 6 per page.




Week 1

1 per page
6 per page

Introduction to the course.
An intellectual framework for understanding world cultures.

Week 2

Germany 1 per page
Germany 6 per page
Denmark 1 per page
Denmark 6 per page
UK 1 per page
UK 6 per page

Begin a world tour of world cultures that starts with Western countries, moves into culturally more distance countries, and eventually cycles back to the West (USA).
In-depth look at Germany, Denmark, UK

Week 3

China 1 per page
China 6 per page

Moving from Europe to Asia.  
In-depth look at China

Week 4

India 1 per page
India 6 per page
Turkey 1 per page
Turkey 6 per page
Gulf states 1 per page
Gulf states 6 per page

Visit India, then move to Middle Eastern and Islamic countries.

Week 5

Zimbabwe 1 per page
Zimbabwe 6 per page
Mexico 1 per page
Mexico 6 per page

On to Africa: in-depth look at Zimbabwe, the most culturally distant destination in the course.
Move back toward Western culture.
Visit Mexico.

Week 6

Brazil 1 per page
Brazil 6 per page
USA 1 per page
USA 6 per page

Visit Brazil.
Finish in USA, see it with new eyes.
Global perspective on ethnic and racial conflict.