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Accounting Information Quality, Interbank Competition, and Banks Risk Taking 4/1/2015
Optimal Investment Timing and Capacity Choice for Pumped Hydropower Storage 8/1/2014
A Theory of School-Choice Lotteries 6/1/2014
Analysis and Enhancement of Practice-based Policies for the Real Option Management of Commodity Storage AssetsAbstract: The real option management of commodity storage assets is an important practical problem. Practitioners heuristically solve the resulting stochastic optimization model using the rolling intrinsic (RI) and rolling basket of spread options (RSO) p...6/1/2014
Banks’s Voluntary Adoption of Fair Value Accounting and Interbank Competition 6/1/2014
Comparison of Least Squares Monte Carlo Methods with Applications to Energy Real Options 6/1/2014
Financial Attention 6/1/2014
How to Convexify the Intersection of a Second Order Cone and a Nonconvex Quadratic 6/1/2014
Innovators and Imitators in Product Market Competitions and Accounting Reporting 6/1/2014
Nominal versus Real Board Independence 6/1/2014
Rating-Based Investment Practices and Bond Market Segmentation 6/1/2014
The Value of Confession: Admitting Mistakes to Build Reputation 6/1/2014
Business Analytics Assists Transitioning from Traditional Medicine to Telemedicine at Virtual Radiologic 5/1/2014
Core Deviation Minimizing Auctions 5/1/2014
Merchant Commodity Storage and Term Structure Model Error 5/1/2014
New Functional Characterizations and Optimal Structural Results for Assemble-to-Order M-Systems 5/1/2014
Moral character in the workplace 4/1/2014
Relaxations of Approximate Linear Programs for the Real Option Management of Commodity Storage 4/1/2014
Simultaneous Location of Trauma Centers and Helicopters for Emergency Medical Service Planning 4/1/2014
Two-term Disjunctions for Conic Sets (Extended Version) 4/1/2014
Newsvendor Mergers 3/1/2014
Real Options and Merchant Operations of Energy and Other CommoditiesThe value chain for energy and other commodities entails physical conversions through refineries, power plants, storage facilities, and transportation and other capital-intensive infrastructure. When the operation of such commodity conversion assets occu...3/1/2014
School Choice with Controlled Choice Constraints: Hard Bounds vs. Soft Bounds 3/1/2014
The Economics of Predation: What Drives Pricing When There is Learning-by-Doing 3/1/2014
Auctions versus Negotiated Sale: Evidence from Real Estate SalesWe offer a theoretical and empirical comparison of auctions and negotiated sales. We first build a simple model to show that auctions generate a higher relative price than negotiated sales when demand for the asset is strong, when the asset is more homoge...2/1/2014
Capacity Allocation under Retail Competition: Uniform and Competitive Allocations 2/1/2014
Have Academic Accountants and Financial Accounting Standard Setters Traded Places?The basic premise of this paper is that academic accountants and financial accounting standard setters have traded places in their normative vs. positive orientations. Academics have shifted from normative to positive, while standard setters have shifted...2/1/2014
Horizontal Mergers in Multitier Decentralized Supply Chains 2/1/2014
The Climate and Health Effects of a USA Switch from Coal to Gas 2/1/2014
The Effects of Bulk Electricity Storage on the PJM Market 2/1/2014
The Social Costs and Benefits Wind Energy: Case study in the PJM Interconnection 2/1/2014
Two Axiomatic Approaches to the Probabilistic Serial Mechanism 2/1/2014
Analysis and Enhancement of Practice-based Policies for the Real Option Management of Commodity Storage AssetsThe real option management of commodity storage assets is an important practical problem. Practitioners heuristically solve the resulting stochastic optimization model using the rolling intrinsic (RI) and rolling basket of spread options (RSO) policies....1/1/2014
Charter School Entry and School Choice: The Case of Washington, D.C. 1/1/2014
Is the VC Partnership Greater than the Sum of its Partners? 1/1/2014
Mental models at work: Cognitive causes and consequences of conflict in organizations 1/1/2014
On a Unified View of Nullspace-Type Conditions for Recoveries Associated with General Sparsity Structures 1/1/2014
Optimal Energy Procurement in Spot and Forward Markets 1/1/2014
Real Options and Merchant Operations of Energy and Other Commodities 1/1/2014
Saddle points and Accelerated Perceptron Algorithms 1/1/2014
School Choice with Controlled Choice Constraints: Hard Bounds vs. Soft Bounds 1/1/2014
The Cost of Curtailing Wind Turbines for Secondary Frequency Regulation Capacity 1/1/2014
The national debt in the 2012 presidential election 1/1/2014
Two-term Disjunctions for Conic Sets 1/1/2014
Dynamic Pricing of Remanufacturable Products Under Demand Substitution: A Product Life Cycle Model 12/1/2013
Asset Pricing with Countercyclical Household Consumption Risk 11/1/2013
Auditor Independence Revisited 11/1/2013
Consistent Estimation of the Risk-Return Tradeoff in the Presence of Measurement Error 11/1/2013
Crowdsourcing New Product Ideas under Consumer LearningCrowdsourcing initiatives are becoming a popular tool for new idea generation for firms. Although such initiatives are widely adopted in many different industries, the number of ideas generated often decline over time, and the implementation rates (percen...11/1/2013
Investment-Based Corporate Bond Pricing 11/1/2013
Tax-Subsidized Underpricing: Issuers and Underwriters in the Market for Build America Bonds 11/1/2013
The Formation of Collaboration Networks Among Individuals with Heterogeneous SkillsCollaboration networks provide a method for examining the highly heterogeneous structure of collaborative communities. However, existing models of network formation do not provide a connection between observed network heterogeneity and characteristics of...11/1/2013
Evaluating Education Programs That Have Lotteried Admission and Selective Attrition 10/1/2013
Idiosyncratic Risk and the Manager 10/1/2013
Optimal Energy Procurement in Spot and Forward MarketsSpot and forward purchases for delivery on the usage date play an important role in matching the supply and the uncertain demand of energy, because storage capacity for energy, such as electricity, natural gas, and oil, is limited. Transaction costs tend...10/1/2013
Robust Implementation in Weakly Rationalizable Strategies 10/1/2013
Robust Virtual Implementation under Common Strong Belief in Rationality 10/1/2013
Stochastic Input Model Selection 10/1/2013
A Recommender System to Improve the Adoption of Children in PennsylvaniaWe utilize operations research and market design frameworks to improve the effectiveness of a recommender system for children in state custody and prospective adoptive families, and describe the implementation of changes to the Pennsylvania Adoption Excha...9/1/2013
Advance Refundings of Municipal Bonds 9/1/2013
Advance Selling in a Supply Chain under Uncertain Supply and Demand 9/1/2013
Agreement and similarity in self-other perceptions of moral characterWe surveyed well-acquainted dyads about two key moral character traits (Honesty-Humility, Guilt Proneness), as well as several other individual differences. We examined self-other agreement, similarity, assumed similarity, and similarity-free agreement (i...9/1/2013
Credit, Vacancies and Unemployment Fluctuations 9/1/2013
Mental models at work: Cognitive causes and consequences of conflict in organizationsThis research investigated the reciprocal relationship among mental models of conflict and various forms of dysfunctional social relations in organizations, including experiences of task and relationship conflicts, interpersonal hostility, workplace ostra...9/1/2013
Seeking Variety: A Dynamic Model of Employee Blog Reading BehaviorWe investigate the dynamics of blog reading behavior of employees in an enterprise blogosphere. A dynamic model is developed and calibrated using longitudinal data from a Fortune 1000 IT services firm. We identify a variety-seeking behavior of blog reader...9/1/2013
Using Brouwer's Continuity Principle to Pick Stocks 9/1/2013
Joint Merchant Management of Natural Gas Storage and Transport AssetsNatural gas pipeline systems give merchants the ability to trade natural gas across time and geographical markets. That is, these systems embed two types of assets that merchants manage as real options: storage and transport. The current literature has...8/1/2013
Multi-Item Inventory Management with Joint Demand Fulfillment Probability under a Generalized Demand Model 8/1/2013
Quantifying the Hurricane Catastrophic Risk to Offshore Wind Power 8/1/2013
Service-Level Estimation in Inventory Simulations: The Case of Limited Historical Demand Data 8/1/2013
Test Working Papertesting8/1/2013
A Multi-period Foundation for Bonus Pools 7/1/2013
Accounting Conservatism and Incentives: Intertemporal Considerations 7/1/2013
Analysis of the Potential Market for Out-of-Print eBooks 7/1/2013
Consumption Volatility Risk 7/1/2013
Dividends and Shareholder Taxes: Evidence from Tax Reform 7/1/2013
Estimating Hedonic Functions for Rents and Values in the Presence of Unobserved Heterogeneity in the Quality for HousingA central challenge in estimating models with heterogeneous housing is separating quality from price. We provide a new method for estimating hedonic functions for rental rates and housing values treating housing quality as unobserved by the econo- metrici...7/1/2013
Gone in 60 Seconds: The Impact of the Megaupload Shutdown on Movie Sales 7/1/2013
Group Formation with a Network ConstraintGroup formation is important in many economic contexts. The current literature on group formation assumes that individuals may join any existing group. In this paper, I consider the implications of social, geographic, and informational constraints to grou...7/1/2013
How to Control Controlled School Choice 7/1/2013
Improved Least Squares Monte Carlo for Term Structure Option Valuation with Energy ApplicationsWe develop a novel least squares Monte Carlo (LSM) method for estimating greedy lower bounds and dual upper bounds on the value of multiple exercise options in conjunction with common term structure models. The main idea behind our approach is to leverage...7/1/2013
Innovation Tournaments with Multiple Contributors 7/1/2013
Political Economy of Centralized Redistribution and Local Government Fiscal Structure 7/1/2013
Preannouncing Competitive Decisions in Oligopoly Markets 7/1/2013
Taxation and Executive Compensation: Evidence from Stock Options 7/1/2013
The Effect of Pre-Release Movie Piracy on Box-Office Revenue 7/1/2013
The Effects of Taxes on the Market for Corporate Control 7/1/2013
What Day-Ahead Reserves are Needed in Electric Grids with High Levels of Wind Power? 7/1/2013
An Effective Method for Modeling Wind Power Forecast Uncertainty 6/1/2013
Authenticity Concerns and Retro Fashion Turns: Baseball’s Commitment Crisis and the Re-Popularization of Discarded Venue Cultural Forms 6/1/2013
Beta-Guaranteed Joint Service Levels 6/1/2013
Beta-Guaranteed Joint Service Levels 6/1/2013
Corruption and Community-Driven Development 6/1/2013
Data-Driven Newsvendor: A Probabilistic Gauarantee for Near Optimality when Demand is Temporally Dependent 6/1/2013
Estimating an Equilibrium Model of Limit Order Markets 6/1/2013
How Perceptions of Temporal Distance Influence SatiationAlthough people recover from satiation with the natural passage of time, we examine whether it is possible to influence the recovery process by changing merely the subjective temporal distance from past consumption. Through a series of lab and field exper...6/1/2013
Incentive Compatible Matching Mechanisms: Consistency with Various Stability Notions 6/1/2013
Incorporating Seismic Concerns in Site Selection for Enhanced Geothermal Power Generation 6/1/2013
Knowledge Asymmetry in Brokerage 6/1/2013
Love It Longer: Sentimental Value Slows Hedonic AdaptationAcross four studies we demonstrate that consumers adapt more slowly to products that are sentimentally valuable as compared to products that are not. Specifically, we show that consumers adapt more slowly to gifts that they received during a holiday shopp...6/1/2013
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