Finn E. Kydland

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The Richard P. Simmons Distinguished Professorship; University Professor of Economics, Nobel Laureate (2004)

  • Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration - B.S. - 1968
  • Carnegie Mellon - Ph.D. - 1973
Areas of Expertise:
  • Economics
  • Political Economy
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Business cycles, monetary and fiscal policy, labor economics.
Published Papers: 
  • Endogenous Money, Inflation, and Welfare
    Review of Economic Dynamics, April 2010.
    (with: Espen Henriksen)

  • Monetary Policy, Taxes, and the Business Cycle
    Journal of Monetary Economics 54(6), September 2007; 1587-1611.
    (with: William Gavin, M. Pakko)

  • The Welfare Cost of Inflation in the Presence of Inside Money
    in D.E. Altig & E. Nosal (eds.) Monteary Policy in Low-Inflation Economies, Cambridge University Press, 2006.
    (with: Scott Freeman, Espen Henriksen)

  • Quantitative Aggregate Theory
    American Economic Review, 2006.

  • Home Production Meets Time to Build
    Journal of Political Economy, 2001.
    (with: Paul Gomme, Peter Rupert)

  • Monetary Aggregate and Output
    American Economic Review, 2000.
    (with: Scott Freeman)

  • Endogenous Money Supply and the Business Cycle
    Review of Economic Dynamics, 1999.
    (with: William Gavin)

  • The Gold Standard as a Rule: An Essay in Exploration
    Explorations in Economic History, 1995.
    (with: M. Bordo)

  • Dynamics of the Trade Balance and the Terms of Trade: The J-Curve?
    American Economic Review, 1994.
    (with: D. Backus, P. Kehoe)

  • Intertemporal Preferences and Labor Supply
    Econometrica, 1988.
    (with: V. Hotz, G. Sedlacek)

  • Nobel Prize in Economics Sciences - 2004
  • Fellow, Econometric Society - 1992
  • John Stauffer National Fellowship, Hoover Institution - 1982-1983
  • Alexander Henderson Award, Carnegie Mellon - 1973
Editorial Boards:
  • Macroeconomic Dynamics, 1996-
  • Research Associate, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
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