David Krackhardt

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Professor of Organizations, Heinz College, and Joint Appointment at Tepper School of Business


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - B.S. - 1973
  • University of California, Irvine - Ph.D. - 1984
Areas of Expertise:
  • Organizational Behavior and Theory
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Social network analysis of organizations. This includes how networks form and change over time, how they are perceived, how they affect the behavior and power of individuals in the organization, and how they affect the performance of organizations as a whole. Also work to develop statistical and mathematical methods that enable the study of networks in social systems.
Published Papers: 
  • Sensitivity of MRQAP Tests to Collinearity and Autocorrelation Conditions
    Psychometrika, 2007.
    (with: David Dekker, T. Snijders)

  • Visualizing Complexity in Networks: Seeing Both the Forest and the Trees
    Connections, 2003.
    (with: Cathleen McGrath, Jim Blythe)

  • Networked for change? Identifying obstetric opinion leaders and assessing their opinions on caesarean delivery
    Social Science & Medicine, 2003.
    (with: Richard Kravitz, et al)

  • An Equilibrium-Correction Model for Dynamic Network Data
    Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 2003.
    (with: David Dekker, Philip Franses)

  • Network Conditions for Organizational Change
    Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 2003.
    (with: Cathleen McGrath)

  • Destabilizing Networks
    Connections, 2002.
    (with: Kathleen Carley, Ju-Sun Lee)

  • Structure, Culture and Simmelian Ties in Entrepreneurial Firms
    Social Networks, 2002.
    (with: M. Kilduff)

  • Destabilizing Networks
    Connections 24(3), 2002; 31-34.
    (with: Kathleen Carley, Ju-Sun Lee)

  • The Ties that Torture: Simmelian Tie Analysis in Organizations
    Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 1999.

  • Whether Close or Far: Perceptions of Balance in Friendship Networks in Organizations
    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1999.
    (with: M. Kilduff)

  • Organizational Viscosity and the Diffusion of Controversial Innovations
    Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 1997.

  • Bringing the Individual Back In: A Structural Analysis of the Internal Market for Reputation in Organizations
    Academy of Management Journal, 1994.
    (with: M. Kilduff)

  • Informal Networks: The Company Behind the Chart
    Harvard Business Review, 1993.
    (with: J. Hanson)

  • Assessing the Political Landscape: Structure, Cognition, and Power in Organizations
    Administrative Science Quarterly, 1990.

  • Friendship Patterns and Culture: The Control of Organizational Diversity
    American Anthropologist, 1990.
    (with: M. Kilduff)

Working Papers: 
  • Three Amigos Versus Dynamic Duos: The Effect Of Simmelian-Tied Friends On Retaliation
    March, 2011.
    (with: Laurie Weingart, K. Goh, Tat Koon Koh)

  • "Bringing the Individual Back In: A Social Network Approach to Cognition, Personality, Dynamics, and Culture in Organizations", Cambridge University Press, (2008).
    (with: M. Kilduff)

  • Elected Member, Society of Organizational Behavior - 2006
  • Marvin Bower Fellowship, Harvard University - 1990-1991
  • Mobil Scholar Award, Cornell University - 1988
Editorial Boards:
  • Journal of Social Structure (Editor), 1999-
  • Computational and Mathematical Organizational Theory (Area Editor), 1995-
  • Academy of Management Journal, 1993-1996
  • Administrative Science Quarterly, 1983-1992
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