Christopher Olivola

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Assistant Professor of Marketing

  • The University of Chicago - BA - 2003
  • The University of Chicago - MA - 2006
  • Princeton University - Ph.D. - 2009
Areas of Expertise:
  • Marketing
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Psychology of human decision making and behavioral economics
Published Papers: 
  • The Martyrdom Effect: When Pain and Effort Increase Prosocial Contributions
    Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 26(1), 2013; 91–105.
    (with: Eldar Shafir)

  • Republicans Prefer Republican-Looking Leaders: Political Facial Stereotypes Predict Candidate Electoral Success Among Right-Leaning Voters
    Social Psychological and Personality Science 3(5), 2012; 605–613.
    (with: Abigail Sussman, Konstantinos Tsetsos, Olivia Kang, Alexander Todorov)

  • Effects of Symptom Presentation Order on Perceived Disease Risk
    Psychological Science 23(4), 2012; 381–385.
    (with: Virginia Kwan, Sean Wojcik, Talya Miron-shatz, Ashley Votruba)

  • Unfakeable Facial Configurations Affect Strategic Choices in Trust Games with or without Information about Past Behavior
    PLoS-ONE 7(3), 2012; e34293.
    (with: Constantin Rezlescu, Brad Duchaine, Nick Chater)

  • Axe the Tax: Taxes Are Disliked More than Equivalent Costs
    Journal of Marketing Research 48, 2011; S91–S101.
    (with: Abigail Sussman)

  • Elected in 100 Milliseconds: Appearance-Based Trait Inferences and Voting
    Journal of Nonverbal Behavior 34(2), 2010; 83–110.
    (with: Alexander Todorov)

  • Fooled by First Impressions? Reexamining the Diagnostic Value of Appearance-Based Inferences
    Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 46(2), 2010; 315–324.
    (with: Alexander Todorov)

  • Distributions of Observed Death Tolls Govern Sensitivity to Human Fatalities
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106(52), 2009; 22151–22156.
    (with: Namika Sagara)

  • Linguistic and Metalinguistic Intuitions in the Philosophy of Language
    Analysis 69(4), 2009; 689-694.
    (with: Edouard Machery, Molly De Blanc)

  • Randomness in Retrospect: Exploring the Interactions Between Memory and Randomness Cognition
    Psychonomic Bulletin and Review 15(5), 2008; 991-996.
    (with: Daniel Oppenheimer)

  • Doing Unto Future Selves As You Would Do Unto Others: Psychological Distance and Decision Making
    Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 34(2), 2008; 224-236.
    (with: Emily Pronin, Kathleen Kennedy)

  • Society for Judgment and Decision Making Hillel Einhorn Award - 2012
  • Finalist for the first Lloyd’s Science of Risk Prize - 2010
  • Society for Personality and Social Psychology Student Travel Award for paper presented at SPSP - 2009
  • University of Chicago Booth Student Travel Grant for paper presented at SJDM preconference - 2008
  • First-place Student Poster Award for poster presented at SJDM conference - 2007, 2009
  • NYU Stern Student Travel Award for poster presented at SPSP JDM preconference - 2007
  • Marketing Science Institute Travel Award for paper presented at Dartmouth/Tuck TCR conference - 2007
  • Merit Prize, Princeton University - 2004–2005
Courses Taught:
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