Jack Douglas Stecher

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Assistant Professor of Accounting

  • University of Pennsylvania - B.A. - 1987
  • University of Minnesota - Ph.D. - 2005
Areas of Expertise:
  • Accounting
  • Decision Research
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Financial reporting, decision making under uncertainty, social choice theory, mechanism design, corporate governance, capital markets and valuation.
Published Papers: 
Working Papers: 
  • Lending, Lying, and Costly Auditing
    August, 2009.
    (with: John Kareken)

  • Parameter Estimation Using Sample Quantiles Based on Censored Data
    April, 2006.
    (with: Jonas Andersson, Evan Heit)

  • A Category for Studying the Standardization of Reporting Languages
    January, 2006.
    (with: Michal Walicki, Uwe Wolter)

  • Berkman Faculty Development Grant for "A Neuroeconomic Study of Decisions from Experience and from Description"
  • FDIC Center for Financial Research, for "The Impacts of Mark-to-Market and Historical Cost Accounting on Unwanted Coordination During Bubbles, Crashes, and Bailouts." Principal Investigator, joint with Jonathan Glover and John O'Brien
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