Martin Gaynor

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E.J. Barone Professor of Economics and Health Policy

  • University of California, San Diego - B.A. - 1977
  • Northwestern University - Ph.D. - 1983
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Industrial organization, health economics, economics of organizations, competitive strategy. Currently studying competition and antitrust in health care markets.
Website and/or personal homepage:

Published Papers: 
  • Entry and Competition in Local Hospital Markets
    Journal of Industrial Economics 55(2), June, 2007; 265-288.
    (with: Jean Abraham, William Vogt)

  • Substitution, Spending Offsets, and Prescription Drug Benefit Design
    Forum for Health Economics & Policy 10(2), 2007; 1-31.
    (with: J. Li, William Vogt)

  • The Volume-Outcome Effect, Scale Economics, and Learning by Doing
    American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, May 2005.
    (with: Harold Seidert, William Vogt)

  • Physician Incentives in HMO's
    Journal of Political Economy 112(4), August 2004; 915-931.
    (with: James B. Rebitzer, Lowell Taylor)

  • Are Invisible Hands Good Hands? Moral Hazard, Competition, and the 2nd Best in Health Care Markets
    Journal of Political Economy 108(5), October 2000; 992-1005.
    (with: Deborah Haas-Wilson, William Vogt)

  • Change, Consolidation, and Competition in Health Care Markets
    Journal of Economic Perspectives 13(1), Winter 1999; 141-164.
    (with: Deborah Haas-Wilson)

  • Moral Hazard and Risk Spreading in Medical Partnerships
    RAND Journal of Economics, 1995.
    (with: P. Gertler)

  • Equilibrium Misperceptions
    Economics Letters, 1991.
    (with: P. Kleindorfer)

  • Compensation and Productive Efficiency in Partnerships: Evidence from Medical Group Practice
    Journal of Political Economy, 1990.
    (with: M. Pauly)

  • Competition within the Firm: Theory Plus Some Evidence from Medical Group Practice
    RAND Journal of Economics, 1989.

Working Papers: 
  • "Antitrust and Competition in Health Care Markets"
    in A. J. Culyer and J. P. Newhouse (ed.) The Handbook of Health Economics, Amsterdam: North-Holland, (2000).
    (with: William Vogt)

  • National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation Research Award - 2005
  • Victor R. Fuchs Research Award - 2007
  • Kenneth J. Arrow Award for Best Published Paper in Health Economics - 1996
  • Investigator Award in Health Policy Research, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - 1995-1997
Editorial Boards:
  • Health Economics, 2005
  • RAND Forums for Health Economics and Policy, Berkeley Electronic Press, 2004
  • Health Economics, Policy, and Law, Cambridge Press, 2004
  • International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics, 1999-
  • American Economic Review, 1998-2003
  • Health Services Research, 1996-
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • State of California Department of Corporations
  • Consulting on legal cases with various firms
  • Netherlands Competition Authority
  • Netherlands Healthcare Authority
Other Professional Activities:
  • Board of Trustees, American Society of Health Economics 2004-
  • Associate, Center for Market and Public Organization, University of Bristol, UK 2004-
  • Review Panel, U.S. Agency for Health Care Research and Quality 1994-1998
  • Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research 1990-
Courses Taught:
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