Jeffrey R. Williams

Professor of Business Strategy

  • University of Michigan - B.S. - 1968
  • M.B.A. - 1972
  • Ph.D. - 1977
Areas of Expertise:
  • Strategy
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Business models of the new economy
Published Papers: 
  • Competitive Innovation in the U.S. Airline Industry
    The Dark Side of Technological Innovation: Contemporary Perspectives on Technological Innovation, Management and Policy 1 & 2, 2012.
    (with: Michael Weiss)

  • Managing Your Firm’s Cash Flow Recovery Strategy
    International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences 3(1), 2011.
    (with: Aditya Rajkumar)

  • The IT Platform Principle: The First Shall not be First
    Wall Street Journal Business Insight (in collaboration with the Sloan Management Review), 2010; R4.
    (with: Gezinus J. Hidding, John Sviokla)

  • How Platform Innovators Win
    Journal of Business Strategy 32(2), 2010; 29 - 37.
    (with: Gezinus J. Hidding, John Sviokla)

  • Complementary Resources' Role in First Movers and Followers in I.T. Industries
    Journal of Information Science and Technology 5(3), 2008.
    (with: Gezinus J. Hidding, T. Wilson, T. Kuncheri)

  • Historical Analysis of First-Mover Advantage in IT Driven Markets
    ISONEWORLD, 2005.
    (with: Gezinus J. Hidding)

  • Sustainable Analysis for Competitive Intelligence: Success Factors for the New Economy
    Competitive Intelligence Review 8(1), Spring 1997.
    (with: Gezinus J. Hidding)

  • Evolution of Vertical Policy: U.S. Steel's Century of Commitment to the Mesabi
    Industrial and Corporate Change 5(1), 1996; 147-175.
    (with: T. Griffin)

  • Impact of Organization Structure on Oligopolistic Pricing
    Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 26, 1995; 1-15.
    (with: R. Cyert, P. Kumar)

  • Organizations, Decision Making and Strategy
    Strategic Management Journal Special Issue 14, 1993.
    (with: R. Cyert)

  • Information, Market Imperfections, and Strategy
    Strategic Management Journal 14, 1993; 47-58.
    (with: R. Cyert, P. Kumar)

  • How Sustainable is Your Competitive Advantage?
    California Management Review 34(3), 1992; 29-51.

  • Aligning CIM Strategies to Different Markets
    Journal of Long Range Planning 23(1), 1990; 126-135.
    (with: R. Nowak)

  • Creo Que Ya No Estamos en Kansas
    Resumenes of Textos Sobre Gestion Directiva, 1989.

  • Sources of Economic Rent in the Deregulated Airline Industry
    Journal of Law and Economics XXXI(10), April 1988; 173-202.
    (with: E Bailey)

  • Conglomerates Revisited
    Strategic Management Journal 9(5), 1988; 403-414.
    (with: B. Paez, L. Sanders)

Working Papers: 
  • "Valuing the Options Components of Business Strategies"
    The Valuation Handbook, 334-366, Wiley, (2009).
    (with: Andrew Sutherland)

  • "Managing Diversity Across Modern Markets"
    in B. McKern (ed.) Managing the Global Network Corporation, 122-134, (2003).

  • Renewable Advantage: Crafting Strategy Through Economic Time, Free Press, (1998).

  • "Strategy and the Search for Rents: The Evolution of Diversity Among Firms"
    in R. Rumelt, D. Schendel, and D. Teece (ed.) in Fundamental Issues in Strategy, 229-247, Harvard Press, (1994).

  • George Leland Bach Teaching Award, Tepper School of Business - 2012
  • George Leland Bach Teaching Award, GSIA - 1993
  • Pacific Telesis Award - 1992
  • Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Steel competitiveness grant - 1991
  • Andersen Consulting, Information planning grant - 1988
  • George Leland Bach Teaching Award, GSIA - 1985
Editorial Boards:
  • Strategic Organization
  • National Science Foundation
  • Management Science
  • California Management Review
  • Sloan Management Review
  • Journal of Economics and Management Strategy
  • Journal of Strategic Management Education
  • Business Innovation and Research
  • Strategic Management Journal
  • Lord Corporation Board Strategic Planning Committee
  • McKinsey
  • Abbott Laboratories
  • Lockheed Martin
  • National Semiconductor
  • IBM
  • Mellon Bank
  • MSA
Courses Taught: