Laurie R. Weingart

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Carnegie Bosch Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory; Director, Accelerate Leadership Center

  • University of Illinois - Urbana - B.S. - 1984
  • Northwestern University - Ph.D. - 1989
Areas of Expertise:
  • Organizational Behavior and Theory
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Conflict management and negotiation processes in dyads and teams
Published Papers: 
  • The Interplay Between Culturally- and Situationally-Based Mental Models of Intercultural Dispute Resolution: West Meets Middle East
    International Negotiation Journal (Special Issue on Culture and Negotiation), in Press.
    (with: C. Tinsley, N. Turan, S. Aslani)

  • Dynamics in Groups: Are We There Yet?
    The Academy of Management Annals 5, 2011; 571-612.
    (with: M. Cronin, G. Todorova)

  • Subgroups Within Teams: The Role of Cognitive and Affective Integration.
    Journal of Organizational Behavior 32, 2011; 831-849.
    (with: M. Cronin, K. Bezrukova, C. Tinsley)

  • Negotiation Offers and the Search for Agreement
    Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 4, 2011; 77-109.
    (with: M. Prietula)

  • Task Conflict, Problem Solving, and Yielding: Effects on Cognition and Performance in Functionally Diverse Innovation Teams
    Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 3, 2010; 312-337.
    (with: G. Todorova, M. Cronin)

  • Teams Research in the 21st century: A Case for Theory Consolidation
    In E. Salas, G. F. Goodwin, & C. S. Burke (Eds.). Team Effectiveness in Complex Organizations: Cross-disciplinary perspectives (SIOP Organizational Frontier Series. New York, NY: Psychology Press., 2009; 509-524.
    (with: M. Cronin)

  • Manage Intra-Team Conflict Through Collaboration.
    In E. A. Locke (Ed.), Handbook of Principles of Organizational Behavior: Indispensable Knowledge for Evidence-Based Management, 2nd Edition. Chichester, UK: Wiley, 2009; 327-346.
    (with: K. Jehn)

  • Emergent Negotiations: Stability and Shifts in Negotiation Dynamics
    Negotiation and Conflict Management Research 1, 2008; 135-160.
    (with: M. Olekalns)

  • Representational Gaps, Information Processing, and Conflict in Functionally Diverse Teams
    Academy of Management Review 32, 2007; 761-773.
    (with: M. Cronin)

  • The Timing and Function of Offers in U.S. and Japanese Negotiations
    Journal of Applied Psychology 92, 2007; 1056-1068.
    (with: W. Adair, J. Brett)

  • Team Diversity and Information Use
    Academy of Management Journal 48, 2005; 1107-1123.
    (with: K. Dahlin, P. Hinds)
    For Further Information

  • Conflicting Social Motives in Negotiating Groups
    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 93, 2007; 994-1010.
    (with: J. Brett, M. Olekalns, P. Smith)
    For Further Information

  • Baubles, Bangles and Beads: Modeling the Evolution of Negotiating Groups Over Time
    In E. A. Mannix, M. A. Neale, & S. Blount (Eds.), Research in Managing Groups and Teams: Time in Groups. New York: Elsevier Science 6, 2004; 39-64.
    (with: J. Brett, M. Olekalns)

  • Unilateral Concessions from the Other Party: Concession Behavior, Attributions, and Negotiation Judgments.
    Journal of Applied Psychology 89(2), 2004; 263-278.
    (with: S. Kwon)

  • Phases, Transitions and Interruptions: The Processes that Shape Agreement in Multi-Party Negotiations
    International Journal of Conflict Management 14, 2003; 191-211.
    (with: M. Olekalns, J. Brett)

  • Task Versus Relationship Conflict, Team Performance, and Team Member Satisfaction: A Meta-Analysis.
    Journal of Applied Psychology 88, 2003; 741-749.
    (with: C. De Dreu)

  • Maximizing Crossfunctional New Product Teams' Innovativeness and Constraint Adherence: A Conflict Communications Perspective
    Academy of Management Journal 44(4), 2001; 779-783.
    (with: K. Lovelace, D. Shapiro)

  • Influence of Social Motives on Integrative Negotiations: A Meta-Analytic Review and Test of Two Theories
    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 78, 2000; 889-905.
    (with: C. De Dreu, S. Kwon)

  • Knowledge and the Sequential Processes of Negotiation: A Markov Chain Analysis of Response-in-Kind
    Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 35, 1999; 366-393.
    (with: M. Prietula, E. Hyder, C. Genovese)

  • How Did They Do That? The Ways and Means of Studying Group Processes
    In L. L. Cummings & B. M. Staw (Eds.), Research in Organizational Behavior 19, 1997; 189-239.

  • Knowledge Matters: The Effect of Tactical Descriptions on Negotiation Behavior and Outcome
    Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 70, 1996; 1205-1217.
    (with: E. Hyder, M. Prietula)

  • The Impact of Consideration of Issues and Motivational Orientation on Group Negotiation Process and Outcome.
    Journal of Applied Psychology 78, 1993; 504-517.
    (with: R. Bennett, J. Brett)

  • Impact of Group Goals, Task Component Complexity, Effort, and Planning on Group Performance.
    Journal of Applied Psychology 77, 1992; 682-693.

  • Tactical Behavior and Negotiation Outcomes
    International Journal of Conflict Management 1, 1990; 7-31.
    (with: L. Thompson, M. Bazerman, J. Carroll)

Working Papers: 
  • To avoid or not to avoid? Gender and the emotional experience of relationship conflict
    February, 2012.
    (with: J. Bear, G. Todorova)

  • Three Amigos Versus Dynamic Duos: The Effect Of Simmelian-Tied Friends On Retaliation
    March, 2011.
    (with: K. Goh, D. Krackhardt, T. Koh)

  • Task Conflict and Idea Sharing in Interdisciplinary Research Groups: Expertise Diversity Salience Matters
    March, 2010.
    (with: G. Todorova, M. Brake)

  • The Role Of Temporal Structures in Facilitating Coordination in Ambiguous Conditions: A Case Study of Interactive Media Development Teams
    March, 2010.
    (with: K. Goh, P. Goodman, G. Todorova)

  • Experience, Trust, And Conflict: How They Facilitate or Inhibit Idea Building in Cross Functional Innovation Teams
    March, 2010.
    (with: G. Todorova)

  • Social Motive Expectations and the Concession Timing Effect
    March, 2009.
    (with: S. Kwon)

  • Most Influential Article Award (2001-2004), Conflict Management Division of the Academy of Management (for DeDreu & Weingart, 2003) - 2009
  • Curriculum Innovation Award (ASME) with Jonathan Cagan (Mechanical Engineering) and Craig Vogel (Industrial Design) - 2003
  • Outstanding Article Award, given by the International Association for Conflict Management (for DeDreu, Weingart, and Kwon, 2000) - 2002
  • Outstanding Empirical Paper, 12th Annual Conference, International Association for Conflict Management - 1999
  • Best Published Paper, given by Organization Communication & Information Systems Division of the Academy of Management (for Sitkin & Weingart, 1995) - 1995
  • Department of Industrial Management Undergraduate Teaching Award, GSIA - 1992
Editorial Boards:
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management Research (Member), 2006-
  • Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes (Member), 2003-
Other Professional Activities:
  • President, Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research 2008-2011
  • President, International Association for Conflict Management 2004
  • Division-Chair, Conflict Management Division, Academy of Management 2001
Courses Taught:
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