Michael A. Trick

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Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Research
Harry B. and James H. Higgins Professor of Operations Research


  • University of Waterloo - B. Math. - 1982
  • Georgia Institute of Technology - Ph.D. - 1987
Areas of Expertise:
  • Operations Research
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Applications of operations research, computational combinatorial optimization, applications in scheduling and distribution
Website and/or personal homepage:

Published Papers: 
  • Scheduling Major League Baseball Umpires and the Traveling Umpire Problems
    Interfaces, accepted.
    (with: H. Yildiz, Tallys Yunes)

  • Optimizing Highway Transportation at the United States Postal Service
    Interfaces, 2007.
    (with: A. Pajunas, E. Matto, Luis F. Zuluaga)

  • A Benders Approach to the Constrained Minimum Break Problem
    European Journal of Operations Research, 2006.
    (with: R. Rassmussen)

  • A Dynamic Programming Approach for Consistency and Propogation for Knapsack Constraints
    Annals of Operations Research, 2004.

  • Enhancing Value by Optimal Segmentation: Application to Determine Newspaper Zones
    Naval Research Logistics, 2004.
    (with: Anuj Mehrotra)

  • Sports Scheduling
    Handbook of Scheduling, J. Y-T Leung (ed), CRT Press, 2004.
    (with: George Nemhauser, K. Easton)

  • Constraint Programming and Hybrid Formulations for Three Life Designs
    Annals of Operation Research 130, 2004; 41-56.
    (with: R. Bosch)

  • Constraint and Integer Programming
    Constraint and Integer Programming: Toward a Unified Methodoloy, M. Milano (ed), Kluwer, 2003.
    (with: M. Milano)

  • Spline Approximations to Value Functions: A Linear Programming Approach
    Macroeconomic Dynamics.
    (with: Stanley Zin)

  • A Schedule-and-Break Approach to Sports Scheduling
    in PATAT'2000, E. Burke and W. Erben (eds.), Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2079, 2001; 242-253.

  • Optimal Shift Scheduling: A Branch-and-Price Approach
    Naval Research Logistics 47(3), 2000; 185-200.
    (with: Anuj Mehrotra, K. Murphy)

  • Scheduling a Major College Basketball Conference
    Operations Research 46, 1998; 1-8.
    (with: George Nemhauser)

  • A Column Generation Approach for Exact Graph Coloring
    INFORMS Journal on Computing 8, 1996; 344-354.
    (with: Anuj Mehrotra)

  • George Leland Bach Award for Excellence in the Classroom, MBA Program - 2009-2010
  • Alumni Achievement Award, University of Waterloo - 2009
  • Hood Fellow, University of Auckland - 2007
  • Council of Outstanding Young Engineering Alumni, Georgia Institute of Technology - 1995-
  • Office of Naval Research, Young Investigator Award - 1992-1995
  • George Leland Bach Award for Excellence in the Classroom, MBA Program - 1991
Editorial Boards:
  • Operations Research (Area Editor), 2006-
  • INFORMS Online (Founding Editor), 1995-2000
  • INFORMS Transactions on Education (Associate Editor), 1999-
  • Member, Executive Committee, Association for Constraint Programming, 2007-2009
  • Vice President, North America, International Federation of Operations Research Societies, 2004-2009
  • Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, President, 2002
  • Motorola
  • Bellcore
  • United States Postal Service
  • Major League Baseball
  • Atlantic Coast Conference Basketball
  • Internal Revenue Service
Other Professional Activities:
  • Vice President, North America, International Federation of Operation Research Societies 2004-2006
  • President, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences 2002
  • Director at Large, Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences 1998-2000
Courses Taught:
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