Kannan Srinivasan

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Rohet Tolani Distinguished Professor in International Business; H.J. Heinz II Professor of Management, Marketing and Information Systems

  • (India) - B. Eng. - 1978
  • (India) - M.B.A. - 1980
  • University of California-Los Angeles - Ph.D. - 1986
Areas of Expertise:
  • Marketing
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Entry deterrence, marketing/manufacturing interface, asymmetric information models of strategic behavior, dynamic brand choice models, purchase incidence models, structural models.
Published Papers: 
  • Crowdsourcing New Product Ideas under Consumer Learning
    Management Science, forthcoming.
    (with: Yan Huang, Param Singh)

  • The Economic Value of Celebrity Endorsement: Tiger Woods' Impact on Sales of Nike Golf Balls
    Marketing Science 32, 03/01/2013; 271-293.
    (with: Timothy Derdenger, Kevin Chung)

  • Strategic Assortment Reduction
    Marketing Science, 2009.
    (with: Anthony Dukes, T. Geylani)

  • When Auction Meets Fixed Price: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination of Buy-it-Now Auctions
    Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2008.
    (with: Alan Montgomery, X Wang)

  • Internet Auction Features as Quality Signals
    Journal of Marketing 73(1), 2009; 75-92.
    (with: Baohong Sun, Shibo Li)

  • Modeling Online Browsing and Path Analysis Using Clickstream Data
    Marketing Science 23(4), 2004; 579-595.
    (with: Alan Montgomery, Shibo Li, John Liechty)

  • Managing NPD: Cost and Schedule Performance
    Management Science, April 2004.
    (with: Sunder Kekre, A. Bajaj)

  • Managing Capacity through Reward Programs
    Management Science, 2004.
    (with: Mengze Shi, Byung-Cho Kim)

  • Salesforce Compensation Schemes and Consumer Inferences
    Management Science 49(May), 2003; 655-672.
    (with: Ajay Kalra, Mengze Shi)

  • Measuring the Impact of Promotions on Brand Switching Under Rational Consumer Behavior (download paper here)
    Journal of Marketing Research 40(4), 2003; 389-405.
    (with: Baohong Sun, S. Neslin)

  • Salesforce Compensation Scheme and Consumer Inference
    Management Science, 2003.
    (with: Mengze Shi, Ajay Kalra)

  • Learning About Customers Without Asking
    The Power of One, 2003; 122-143.
    (with: Alan Montgomery)

  • Price Uncertainty and Consumer Search: A Structural Model of Consideration Set Formation
    Marketing Science.

  • Product Differentiation and Commonality in Design
    Management Science, January 2001.
    (with: Sunder Kekre, Preyas Desai, S. Radhakrishnan)

  • Reward Programs and Tacit Price Collusion
    Marketing Science, 2001.
    (with: Mengze Shi, Byung-Cho Kim)

  • Competitive Marketing Strategies in the Healthcare Industry: An Empirical Study
    Journal of Marketing, 2001.

  • Reward Programs and Tacit Price Collusion
    Marketing Science, 2001.

  • A Study of Consumer's Extent of Evaluation in Brand Choice: A Multi-state Evaluation Choice Model
    Journal of Business, 1999.

  • Response to Competitive Entry: A Rationale for Delayed Reaction
    Marketing Science 17(4), 1998; 380-405.
    (with: Ajay Kalra, S. Rajiv)

  • Modifying Consumer Expectations for a New Product
    Management Science, 1998.

  • Information Technology Impact on Process Output and Quality
    Management Science 43(12), 1997; 1645-1659.
    (with: Tridas Mukhopadhyay, S. Rajiv)

  • Advantages of Time Based New Product Development in a Fast Cycle Industry
    Journal of Marketing Research XXXIV, 1997.
    (with: Sunder Kekre, Srikant Datar, C. Jordan, S. Rajiv)

  • New Product Development Structures and Time to Market
    Management Science 43(4), 1997.
    (with: Sunder Kekre, Srikant Datar, C. Jordan, S. Rajiv)

  • New Products, Upgrades, and New Releases: A Rationale for Sequential Product Introduction
    Journal of Marketing Research, 1997.

  • Controlling for Observed and Unobserved Managerial Skills in Determining Order-of-Entry Effects on Market Share
    Journal of Marketing Research, 1996.

  • Estimating the Impact of Consumer Expectations of Coupons on Purchase Behavior: A Dynamic Structure Model
    Marketing Science, 1996.

  • Wider Product Line: Is it Necessary to Achieve Success?
    Management Science, 1990.
    (with: Sunder Kekre)

Working Papers: 
  • Second Place, Journal of Retailing - 2001
  • Runner up, John Little Best Paper Award in Management Science and Marketing Science - 1991
Editorial Boards:
  • Management Science (Associate Editor)
  • Marketing Science (Area Editor)
  • Quantitative Marketing and Economics (Associate Editor)
  • Several internet startups
  • Xerox
  • Management Science Associates
  • Fujitsu
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Kraft Foods
  • Whiz Bang Labs
  • ABB
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