Marvin A. Sirbu

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Professor of Engineering and Public Policy; Electrical and Computer Engineering and Joint Appointment at Tepper School of Business


  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - B.S. - 1966
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - M.S. - 1968
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - E.E. - 1970
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Sc.D. - 1973
Areas of Expertise:
  • Information Systems
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Telecommunications technology policy and management, economics of telecommunications and electronic information systems, electronic commerce, innovation, regulation and market structure, compatibility standards and product strategy.
Published Papers: 
  • Pricing Multicast Communications: A Cost-Based Approach
    Telecommunication Systems 17(3), 2001; 281-297.

  • Optimal Bundling Strategy for Digital Information Goods: Network Delivery of Articles and Subscriptions
    Information Economics and Policy 11(2), July 1999; 147-176.

  • The Bundling and Unbundling of Information Goods: Economic Incentives for the Network Delivery of Academic Journal Articles
    Information Economics and Policy 11(2), 1999; 147-176.

  • Kalman Filter Estimation of New Product Diffusion Models
    Journal of Marketing Research 24 August, 1997; 378-393.
    (with: Jinhong Xie, Michael Song, Qiong Wang)
    For Further Information

  • Price Competition and Compatibility in the Presence of Positive Demand Externalities
    Management Science, 1995; 909-926.
    (with: Jinhong Xie)
    For Further Information

  • Price Competition in the Presence of Positive Demand Externalities
    Management Science, 1995.

  • NetBill: An Electronic Commerce System Optimized for Network Delivered Services
    IEEE Personal Communications, 1995.

  • The Provision of Scholarly Journals by Libraries via Electronic Technologies: An Economic Analysis
    Information Economics and Policy, 1991; 127-154.

  • Technological Choice in Voluntary Standards Committees: An Empirical Analysis
    J. Economics of Innovation and New Technology 1, 1990; 111-133.

Working Papers: 
  • Measuring Broadband's Economic Impact
    September, 2006.
    (with: W. Lehr, C. Osorio, S. Gillett)

  • A Feedback Model for Marketing Mix Strategies
    November, 2004.
    (with: Jinhong Xie, Qiong Wang, Michael Song)
    For Further Information

  • "An IP-based Local Access Network: Economic and Public Policy Analysis"
    Internet Telephony, Cambridge: MIT Press, (2001).

  • "An Optimal Pricing Model for Cell-Switching Integrated-Services Networks"
    Internet Economics, Cambridge: MIT Press, (1997).

  • Teare Award for Outstanding Teaching, CIT - 1990
  • Comav Corp., 1998-1999
  • Telelogic Corp., 1984-1988
  • U.S. Federal Trade Commission
  • U.S. Dept. of Justice: Antitrust Division
Other Professional Activities:
  • Chairman, Executive Committee, Information Networking Institute
  • Member, U.S. Federal Communications Commission Technological Advisory Committee 1999-2001
Courses Taught:
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