Tridas Mukhopadhyay

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Deloitte Consulting Professor of Business Technologies

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur - B. Tech. - 1978
  • Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta - P.G.D.M. - 1981
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - Ph.D. - 1987
Areas of Expertise:
  • Information Systems
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Information technology management, information resource management, economics of information system management. Current research interests include business value of information technologies, e-business management, software project management and cyber security management.
Website and/or personal homepage:

Published Papers: 
  • Seeking Variety: A Dynamic Model of Employee Blog Reading Behavior
    Information Systems Research.
    (with: Param Singh, Nachiketa Sahoo)

  • A Hidden Markov Model for Collaborative Filtering
    Management Information Systems Quarterly, 2012.
    (with: Param Singh, Nachiketa Sahoo)

  • Learning Curves of Agents with Diverse Skills in Information Technology-Enabled Physician Referral Systems
    Information Systems Research 22(3), September 2011; 586-605.
    (with: Param Singh, Seung Hyun Kim)

  • Information Personalization in a Two Dimensional Product Differentiation Model
    Journal of MIS, 2009.
    (with: Rahul Telang, Sunil Wattal)

  • Electronic Marketplaces with Different Ownership Structures
    Management Science, 2007.
    (with: Byungjoon Yoo, Vidyanand Choudhary)

  • The Impact of Internet Referral Services on a Supply Chain
    Information Systems Research, 2007.
    (with: Anindya Ghose, Uday Rajan)

  • Pricing Open Source Software
    Proceedings of the 27th Annual International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS2006), December 2006.
    (with: Pei-Yu Chen, Byung-Cho Kim)

  • Systems Design, Process Performance, and Economic Outcomes
    Journal of MIS, 2006.
    (with: Prabu Davamanirajan, R. Kauffman, Charles Kriebel)

  • An Economic Analysis of Software Market with Risk-Sharing Contract
    Proceedings of the 26th Annual International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS2005), December, 2005.
    (with: Pei-Yu Chen, Byung-Cho Kim)

  • Drivers of Web Portal Use
    Electronic Commerce Research and Applications 4(1), 2005; 46-62.
    (with: Rahul Telang)

  • Personalized Pricing and Quality Differentiation on the Internet
    Management Science, In press 2005.
    (with: Vidyanand Choudhary, Anindya Ghose, Uday Rajan)

  • A Mixture Model for Internet Search Engine Visits
    Journal of Marketing Research 41(2), 2004; 206-214.
    (with: Peter Boatwright, Rahul Telang)

  • Information technology and organizational learning: An empirical analysis
    Proceedings of the 25th Annual International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), 2004; 11-21.
    (with: Linda Argote, Michael Ashworth)

  • A Decision Model for Software Maintenance
    Information Systems Research 15(4), 2004; 396-412.
    (with: Mayuram S. Krishnan, Charles Kriebel)

  • Strategic and Operational Benefits of Electronic Integration in B2B Procurement Processes
    Management Science 48(10), 2002; 1301-1313.
    (with: Sunder Kekre)

  • Intrafirm Resource Allocation with Asymmetric Information and Negative Externalities
    Information Systems Research 13(4), 2002; 428-434.
    (with: R. Nadiminti, Charles Kriebel)

  • Assessing the Business Value of Information Technology in Global Wholesale Banking: The Case of Trade Services
    Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 12(1), 2002; 5-16.
    (with: Charles Kriebel, Prabu Davamanirajan)

  • An Empirical Analysis of Cost and Conformance Quality in Software Products
    Management Science 46(6), 2000; 745-759.
    (with: Sunder Kekre, Mayuram S. Krishnan, Charles Kriebel)

  • Communication and Information: Alternative Uses of the Internet in Households
    Information Systems Research 10(4), 1999; 287-303.
    (with: Robert Kraut, J. Szczypula, S. Keisler, W. Scherlis)

  • Internet paradox: A social technology that reduces social involvement and psychological well-being?
    American Psychologist 53(9), 1998; 1017-1031.
    (with: Robert Kraut, M. Patterson, V. Lundmark, S. Keisler, W. Scherlis)

  • Information Technology Impact on Process Output and Quality
    Management Science 43(12), 1997; 1645-1659.
    (with: S. Rajiv, Kannan Srinivasan)

  • Information Technologies and Business Value: An Analytical and Empirical Investigation
    Information Systems Research 6(1), 1995; 3-23.
    (with: Charles Kriebel, A. Barua)

  • Business Value of Information Technology: a Study of Electronic Data Interchange
    MIS Quarterly 19(2), 1995; 137-156.
    (with: Sunder Kekre, S. Kalathu)

  • The Growth of Interorganizational Systems in the Presence of Demand Externalities
    Management Science 40(8), 1994; 984-998.
    (with: Charles Kriebel, F. Riggins)

  • An Economic Analysis of the Strategic Impacts of Information Technology Investments
    MIS Quarterly 15(3), 1991; 312-331.
    (with: Charles Kriebel, A. Barua)

Working Papers: 
  • A Hidden Markov Model for Collaborative Filtering
    June, 2012.
    (with: Nachiketa Sahoo, Param Singh)

  • Incentivizing Enterprise Social Media Participation under Employee Heterogeneity
    December, 2011.
    (with: Param Singh, Nachiketa Sahoo)

  • Software licensing: pay-per-use versus perpetual
    November, 2007.
    (with: Bao-Jun Jiang, Pei-Yu Chen)

  • Optimally securing interconnected information systems and assets
    September, 2006.
    (with: V. Kumar, Rahul Telang)
    For Further Information

  • Examining the Personalization-Privacy Tradeoff – an Empirical Investigation with Email Advertisements
    November, 2005.
    (with: Sunil Wattal, Rahul Telang, Peter Boatwright)

  • The effect of information technology on organizational learning and knowledge transfer: A natural experiment
    June, 2005.
    (with: Linda Argote, Michael Ashworth)

  • Neutral vs. Biased Marketplaces: A Comparison of Electronic Marketplaces with Different Ownership Structures
    January, 2005.
    (with: Byungjoon Yoo, Vidyanand Choudhary)

  • Institutional Effects of Software Metrics Program
    January, 2004.
    (with: A. Gopal, Mayuram S. Krishnan)

  • Impact of Referral Services on Channel Profits
    January, 2003.
    (with: Anindya Ghose, Uday Rajan)

  • The Economic Value of Network Externalities in an Inter-Bank Payment Network: An Empirical Evaluation
    March, 2002.
    (with: Sandra Slaughter, E. Jallath-Coria, Armir Yaron)
    For Further Information

  • Pricing Strategies of Electronic B2B Marketplaces with Two-Sided Network
    August, 2001.
    (with: Byungjoon Yoo, Vidyanand Choudhary)
    For Further Information

  • Software Project Duration and Effort An Empirical Study
    February, 2000.
    (with: Evelyn Barry, Sandra Slaughter)
    For Further Information

  • Krishnan: TBA
    May, 1998.
    (with: Mayuram S. Krishnan, Charles Kriebel, Sunder Kekre)

  • Stochastic Model for Maintenance Decisions in Software Systems
    November, 1996.
    (with: Mayuram S. Krishnan, Charles Kriebel)

  • To License or Not: The Case of a New Information Technology Product.
    (with: Prabu Davamanirajan, Charles Kriebel)

  • Systems Design, Process Performance, and Economic Outcome.
    (with: Prabu Davamanirajan, Charles Kriebel)

  • Assessing the Business Value of Information Technology in Global,Wholesale Banking: The Case of Trade Services.
    (with: Prabu Davamanirajan, Charles Kriebel)

  • CART Research Frontier Award, Carnegie Mellon - 2005
  • Distinguished Ph.D. Alumnus Award, University of Michigan Business School - 2004
  • Best Paper, ICIS - 2001
  • Best Paper, MIS Quarterly - 1995
  • Xerox Research Chair - 1988-1989
Editorial Boards:
  • Journal of the AIS (Senior Editor), 2002-2003
  • Information Systems Research (Senior Editor), 2000-2003
  • Management Science (Associate Editor Information Systems Department), 2000-2003
  • Management Science Interdisciplinary Department (Associate Editor), 1999-2003
  • International Journal of Electronic Commerce (Associate Editor), 1999-
  • Information Systems Frontiers (Associate Editor), 1998-
  • Journal of the AIS (Associate Editor), 1998-2001
  • MIS Quarterly (Associate Editor), 1997-1999
  • Journal of MIS (Associate Editor), 1995-
  • Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce (Associate Editor), 1995-
  • Journal of Organizational Computing (Member), 1995-1997
  • Information Systems Research (Associate Editor), 1994-2000
  • Review Panel for the ICIS Dissertation Competition (Member), 1993-1994
  • Automotive Industry Action Group
  • Chrysler
  • Jones International University
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • Satyam Computer Services Ltd.
Courses Taught:
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