Business Ethics


Kerr Award
Center for ICR


Management Mini-Cases

A table of synopses is here.

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1. Family Business (Compensation; discrimination)
2. Safety? What Safety? (Corporate social responsibility)
3. Sticky Fingers (Due process)
4. Little enough or Too Much (Environmental protection)
5. Something's Rotten in Hondo (Environment)
6. A Good Team Player (Leadership)
7. Stubbs (Production--product and workplace safety)
8. Sexual Harassment (human resource management; sexual harassment)
9. Cost Justified? (Strategic planning; policy and control)
10. Might Makes Right (Leadership)
11. Short Shorts (Workplace policies and discrimination)
12. Check kiting (White collar crime)
13. Mutiny in the Manufacturing Department (Labor relations)
14. But My Textbook Said This Would Work (performance appraisal)
15. Oh, Salesmen (Training and development)
16. Mexican Pesticide Shipment (Environmental issues)
17. The Fitzgerald Machine Company (Production/operations management)
18. Is Bob Special? (training and development)
19. On Parole (Staffing--affirmative action, EEO)