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The ICR conferences issued calls for extended abstracts, of which about 30 were selected by a program committee.  The aim of the conferences was to bring together scholars from widely different cultural backgrounds for intense dialog. 

  • Ethics and cultural factors track, part of CBI conference, Corporate Evolution:  Looking Inward or Looking Outward? Pittsburgh, October 2003.  Recruited 11 speakers, plus plenary talk on corruption by John Hooker, and talk on global ethics by prominent theologian Hans Küng.

  • Teaching Track at European Business Ethics Network Conference, Entschede, Netherlands, 24-26 June, 2004.  Selected papers published in the Journal of Business Ethics Education.

  • Forum on Ethics of Intellectual Property, part of CBI conference, Innovation and the Growth of the International Firm, Stuttgart, Germany, 8 September.  Speakers from Belgium, Canada, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and USA.