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15-16445601LIW - Crossing the Creative DivideA  POS 1463/12/20168:00 AM12:00 PM
15-16445601LIW - Crossing the Creative DivideB  POS 1463/12/20161:00 PM5:00 PM
15-16445601LIW - Crossing the Creative DivideC  POS 1463/14/20161:00 PM5:00 PM
15-16445601LIW - Crossing the Creative DivideD  POS 1463/15/20161:00 PM5:00 PM
15-16445602LIW - Emotional Intelligence (EQ)A  POS 1513/12/20168:00 AM12:00 PM
15-16445602LIW - Emotional Intelligence (EQ)B  POS 1513/13/20161:00 PM5:00 PM
15-16445602LIW - Emotional Intelligence (EQ)C  POS 1513/15/20161:00 PM5:00 PM
15-16445603LIW - Fine Tune Your AccentA  POS 1463/15/20168:00 AM12:00 PM
15-16445605LIW - Intercultural AwarenessA  POS 1463/14/20168:00 AM12:00 PM
15-16445609LIW-Workplace AdaptabilityA  POS 1523/12/20168:00 AM12:00 PM
15-16445609LIW-Workplace AdaptabilityB  POS 1523/12/20161:00 PM5:00 PM
15-16445611LIW-Coaching as a Leadership ToolA  POS 1523/14/20161:00 PM5:00 PM
15-16445611LIW-Coaching as a Leadership ToolB  POS 1523/15/20168:00 AM12:00 PM
15-16445612LIW-Conflict ManagementA  POS 1533/12/20168:00 AM12:00 PM
15-16445612LIW-Conflict ManagementB  POS 1533/12/20161:00 PM5:00 PM
15-16445612LIW-Conflict ManagementC  POS 1533/15/20168:00 AM12:00 PM
15-16445613LIW-Optimize Your BrainA  POS 1513/12/20161:00 PM5:00 PM
15-16445613LIW-Optimize Your BrainB  POS 1513/13/20168:00 AM12:00 PM
15-16445613LIW-Optimize Your BrainC  POS 1513/14/20168:00 AM12:00 PM
15-16445614LIW-Presence, Poise and PolishA  POS 1523/13/20161:00 PM5:00 PM
15-16445614LIW-Presence, Poise and PolishB  POS 1523/14/20168:00 AM12:00 PM
15-16445614LIW-Presence, Poise and PolishC  POS 1523/15/20161:00 PM5:00 PM
15-16445711Global EconomicsA- RequiredAles, LaurencePOS 152TTh8:30 AM10:15 AM
15-16445711Global EconomicsB- RequiredAles, LaurencePOS 152TTh10:30 AM12:15 PM
15-16445711Global EconomicsC- RequiredAles, LaurencePOS 152TTh1:30 PM3:15 PM
15-16445741Managing Networks and OrganizationsA- RequiredAven, BrandyPOS 151MW10:30 AM12:15 PM
15-16445741Managing Networks and OrganizationsB- RequiredAven, BrandyPOS 151MW1:30 PM3:15 PM
15-16445741Managing Networks and OrganizationsC- RequiredAven, BrandyPOS 151MW3:30 PM5:15 PM
15-16445741Managing Networks and OrganizationsF- RequiredAven, BrandyPOS 152TTh6:00 PM9:45 PM
15-16445741Managing Networks and OrganizationsM- RequiredFichman, Mark T8:00 PM10:30 PM
15-16445749Leadership Immersion WorkshopA- RequiredMaxwell, Laura    
15-16445752Statistical Decision MakingF- RequiredTrick, MikePOS 152TTh6:00 PM9:45 PM
15-16445752Statistical Decision MakingM- RequiredTrick, Mike Th8:00 PM10:30 PM
15-16445801Financial Statement AnalysisE- AccountingLi, JingPOS 146T6:30 PM10:00 PM
15-16445806Entrepreneurial AlternativesE- EntrepreneurshipCynkar, Christopher152M6:30 PM10:00 PM
15-16445810Money, Banking and Financial MarketsM- EconomicsGoodfriend, Marvin M8:15 PM9:30 PM
15-16445811Monetary Policy in the US and AbroadE- EconomicsGoodfriend, MarvinPOS 153T6:30 PM10:00 PM
15-16445822Corporate FinanceA- FinanceSacchetto, StephanoPOS 152MW1:30 PM3:15 PM
15-16445822Corporate FinanceE- FinanceSacchetto, StephanoPOS 151T6:30 PM10:00 PM
15-16445822Corporate FinanceM- FinanceGlover, Brent W8:00 PM9:20 PM
15-16445826Real EstateA- FinanceSpatt, Chester152MW10:30 AM12:15 PM
15-16445830Marketing ResearchM- MarketingGalak, Jeffrey W8:00 PM9:20 PM
15-16445831Pricing StrategyE- Strategy - MarketingBoatwright, PeterGSIA Cooper Aud.T6:30 PM10:00 PM
15-16445836Consumer BehaviorE- MarketingOlivola, ChristopherPOS 146M6:30 PM10:00 PM
15-16445840NegotiationsM- OrgBehaviorCohen, Taya M8:30 PM9:45 PM
15-16445841Team Conflict and Multiparty NegotiationA- OrgBehaviorWeingart, Laurie146MW3:30 PM5:15 PM
15-16445841Team Conflict and Multiparty NegotiationE- OrgBehaviorWeingart, Laurie146W6:30 PM10:00 PM
15-16445851Data MiningA- InfoSystems - QuantLee, Dokyun TTh1:30 PM3:15 PM
15-16445851Data MiningE- InfoSystems - QuantLee, DokyunPOS 153Th6:30 PM10:00 PM
15-16445853Optimization for Interactive MarketingA- Quant - MarketingRavi, R.GSIA Cooper Aud.TTh10:30 AM12:15 PM
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