Number: 45710
Title: Finance I
Concentration: Required
Prerequisites: 45700 - Financial Accounting AND 45730 - Probability and Decision Making

The central problem in financial management is the problem of valuation.  How do managers create value through their actions, policies, and decisions?  To understand this problem, the course studies methods used to value companies, investment projects, and widely used securities.  We will cover how values are determined in financial markets, or the relation between risk, time, information and security prices.  The course will conclude with an introduction to how the process through which firms raise capital, and the types of securities they issue, create or destroy value.

               This course has three goals:

·        To teach students some basic tools of financial analysis, which are used in a wide range of managerial settings and career paths.

·        To provide a foundation for further course work in finance elective courses.

·        To introduce students to the workings of the financial system, and thus allow them to better understand a wide range of issues in corporate and public policy they will face as members of the business community.  (4/11-RG)