Number: 46903
Title: Financial Computing III
Concentration: Required
Prerequisites: 46901 - Financial Computing I AND 46902 - Financial Computing II
Description: This is a course in advanced O-O and C++ topics. We look at memory management, including overriding the new and delete operators, program design for other kinds of resource allocation, exception-safe code, profiling and optimizations, and other O-O topics as time permits. Also, we will consider additional ways of coupling Excel, VBA and C++, and the construction of Excel "add-ins". Several Excel/VBA/C++ projects will be assigned, as well as a "coding competition" amongst teams of students. Reference texts (not required): "Effective C++" by Meyers, "C++ Common Knowledge" by Dewhurst, and "The C++ Standard Library" by Josuttis. Prerequisite: Financial Computing I 46-901, Financial Computing II 46-902.