Number: 46902
Title: Financial Computing II
Concentration: Required
Prerequisites: 46901 - Financial Computing I
Description: Throughout this course, we will be building a non-toy C++ application that uses genetic programming. Most of the concepts from the lectures will be used in this application. First, we look more deeply at the C++ standard library. Then some background on relational databases is given, so that the use of a database as a back-end to a C++ program will make sense. We look at the relational algebra, the relational calculus, and the query language SQL. Then we cover the construction of static and dynamically linked libraries. A few topics from Windows programming are briefly covered, and finally the idea of design patterns as object-oriented building blocks is discussed. Reference texts (not required): C++ Primer by Lippman, et al, Database Modeling and Design by Teorey, The C++ Standard Library by Josuttis and Design Patterns by Gamma, et al. (the Gang of Four), plus additional material available from the course Web site.