Number: 45765
Title: Production Operations Management
Concentration: Required
Prerequisites: None
Description: This course introduces basic concepts to manage and integrate supply and demand chains in manufacturing and service industries. It will examine the interplay behind operations and other functional areas within the firm and with its suppliers and customers.

Additional topics that will be relative to this course

A systems perspective will be emphasized and the technical models and case studies will underscore the role of technology and process management to manage the trade-offs in a value chain. The key will be to understand integration and how it impacts financial and non-financial metrics of performance.

Topics covered in this course are relevant tofor

A wide range of industries - manufacturing and service. We will specifically examine revenue and cost drivers complexity scale and fit between technology and process. These topics are universally applicable and lay the foundation for smart strategy and tactical execution.

The outcome goals objectives principles of this course will provide an understanding of

Value creation and the role of operations to design manage and plan for transforming value chains leveraging technology process and people.


Several case studies problem sets and readings.

The production and distribution of services and manufactured goods is a complex task involving the management of material information technology and people. When properly managed operations can be a source of competitive advantage resulting in high quality customized goods produced and delivered in a timely manner at minimal total cost. This course will demonstrate models and practices that enable a company to achieve these objectives. Topics include supply chain management inventory and materials management production planning and control productivity improvements quality control JIT flexible manufacturing capacity allocation forecasting and resource planning. Current issues such as global supply chains and the use of the Internet in enabling superior operations will also be discussed. Cases supplement the lectures.