Number: 45742
Title: Business Government Strategy
Concentration: Required
Prerequisites: 45750 - Managerial Economics
Description: Every Business decision is influenced directly or indirectly by regulation in the USA and in other developed nations. The opportunities and constraints facing managers stem from past abuses by the robber barons the goals of society and notions of justice. Henry Clay Frick did not violate the law in using Pinkertons armed with machine guns to break the Homestead strike in the 1890’s today telling your workers you will fire them if they join a union is an unfair labor practice that could get you jailed.brbrA successful manager is one who is able to get things done within the social-legal structure. You cannot be a successful manager until you know the outline and purpose of that structure. You cannot be a successful executive until you understand how to shape that regulatory framework and use it to your advantage. All companies search for a niche a safe haven from the competitive storms that will give them high rates of return. In developed nations government is the source of the most important and enduring competitive advantages.brbrThis course provides a framework for understanding the interactions between government and business and the way that strategic advantage is generated. The framework is built from a dozen and a half models some mathematical and some qualitative taken from political science political economy and microeconomics. This course aims to integrate these models into strategic thinking. brbrThe first half of the course emphasizes the analytical foundations. The second half applies the models to current controversies from disposing of toxic waste to deciding whether a product is safe. Classes are conducted in a lecture-discussion format. The goals for the class are to stimulate thinking about the fundamental issues and to develop problem solving approaches to the issues. brbrThe course has three homework assignments a case a midterm and a final exam.