Number: 45780
Title: Management Game
Concentration: Required
Prerequisites: None
Description: The management game is an applied strategic management exercise where teams of students operate computer simulated companies for 2-3 years acting as senior management. Groups of students compete against each other in multiple countries as they try to add value to their companies. The class teaches competitive dynamics group management skills cross-functional management and presentation skills. The class is placed at the end of the required part of the MSIA curriculum and is intended to provide an illustration of how to apply the tools acquired in other required classes in a complex international business environment .

The class is unique in that students are evaluated primarily by external professionals. Each team reports to an external board of directors and must defend their plans and their outcomes to these people who then provide feedback and evaluate the teams performance. Each team is asked to negotiate a labor agreement with real union representatives and present their marketing plans to practicing marketing executives. Besides acting a senior managers the students act as individual investors buying and selling shares of the simulated companies in a real-time stock market. The external feedback and evaluation structure of the course makes the exercise sharply realistic and valuable and differentiates this class from any other in the curriculum.