Allan H. Meltzer

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The Allan H. Meltzer University Professor of Political Economy

  • Duke University - A.B. - 1948
  • Duke University - M.A. - 1955
  • University of California-Los Angeles - Ph.D. - 1958
Areas of Expertise:
  • Economics
  • Political Economy
Teaching and Research Interests:
  • The history of U.S. monetary policy, size of government, macroeconomics, international financial reform. Founder and chairman of the Shadow Open Market Committee. Has served as a consultant on economic policy for the Congress, U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the U.S. and foreign governments. Chairman, International Financial Institution Advisory Commission, U.S. Congress, 1999-2000.
Website and/or personal homepage:

Published Papers: 
  • Blueprint for an International Lender of Last Resort
    Journal of Monetary Economics 50, 2003.
    (with: Adam Lerrick)

  • Grants: A Better to Deliver Aid
    Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress, 2002.
    (with: Adam Lerrick)

  • Report of the International Financial Institution Advisory Commission.

  • A History of the Federal Reserve, Volume 2, 1951-1986, University of Chicago Press, (2010).

  • A History of the Federal Reserve, Volume 1, 1913-1951, University of Chicago Press, (2002).

  • Money and Income: Issues in Monetary Analysis, Cambridge University Press, (1992).
    (with: K. Brunner)

  • Political Economy, Oxford University Press, (1991).
    (with: A. Cukierman, S. Richard)

  • "Money Supply Theory"
    in B. Friedman and F. Hahn (ed.) Handbook of Monetary Economics, North Holland, (1991).
    (with: K. Brunner)

  • Keynes's Monetary Theory: A Different Interpretation, Cambridge University Press, (1988).

  • Distinguished Fellow, American Economic Association - 2002
  • Fellow, National Association of Business Economists
  • Lifetime Achievement, Money Marketeers, NYU - 1997
  • Man of the Year in Finance, Pittsburgh - 1995
  • Distinguished Professional Achievement, UCLA - 1983
  • Stillhalter Vision AG
  • Sarah Scaife Foundation
  • President's Council of Economic Advisors, 1988-1989
  • Honorary Advisor, Bank of Japan, 1986-2002
  • Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, 1980-98
  • The World Bank
  • Various Central Banks
Other Professional Activities:
  • Economic Advisory to Federal Reserve Bank, New York 2009
  • Economic Advisory Panel to the Congressional Budget Office 1995-2009
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